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Adult retinal care in Burke

The retina is the light-sensitive area at the back of the eye where light coming into the eye is focused forming a clear image that is sent to the brain for identification. As you might imagine the retina is a delicate organ and is subject to not only injury but to being compromised through disease. Our doctors at The Retina Group of Washington are specialists in Burke retinal care for the eyes and diagnosing any changes or diseases in the eye’s structures, especially the retina. A retina exam allows our doctors to detect and then treat any diseases that affect the retina or other eye structures such as the macula that are crucial to good vision.

Many disorders can affect the retina and the surrounding structures including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal detachment or retinal vein occlusion. These eye diseases can be developing without the patient even knowing until the conditions have reached advanced stages with irreparable vision damage. Burke retinal care through a comprehensive exam is the only way to detect the early presence and development of these conditions. During a retina exam our doctor will dilate the eyes and use a special magnifier to look for signs of these conditions. If there is an indication that the disease is present our doctor may do other tests including a fluorescein angiogram, which uses an injected dye in the blood system to look for leaks in the blood vessels of the retina. Another test often used during a retina exam is an ocular coherence tomography, which uses a device similar to an ultrasound to non-invasively check for diabetic macular edema.

Retina disorders can affect anyone but the majority of patients are adults, especially seniors. Burke retinal care specializes in treating retinal disorders of adults Depending on the degree of advancement of the specific disease detected our doctors can treat the condition with medication, or using lasers to stop the leakages. Make an appointment for an appointment with our office.

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