Retina Specialist in Burke

Cryotherapy in Burke

Unquestionably, there are benefits that you get from going to a specialist that would otherwise not be available to you. We at The Retina Group of Washington are experts not just in eye care, but in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of retinal diseases, conditions, and injuries in particular. Our solutions, including surgery, represent the cutting edge of technology and advancements, so you can be confident in the results that you’re going to get. One such procedure is known as cryotherapy.

Repair of a torn retina is an urgent matter. Your retina is an essential component of your eye, and its function is indispensable. When it is torn, that means that it has come loose, but I still physically attached to the rest of the eye. As alarming as that is, without prompt care the situation can become worse. A detached retina is what you want to avoid. And the way to do that is to come in for an examination and evaluation by our retina specialist in Burke. There are two methods that are frequently used to repair a torn retina. One uses heat and the other uses cold, which is what cryotherapy is. Now we certainly understand that surgery of any kind is serious, and that is particularly so with eye surgery. You can rest assured, though, that when you have it done by hour retina specialist in Burke, you are in the hands of an expert with the vast experience to set your mind at ease. In addition, we use only the state-of-the-art in equipment to maximize the already impressive odds for a successful outcome.

Our retina specialist in Burke performs cryotherapy on an outpatient basis, and it typically is completed in just about 15 minutes. We urge you to reach out to our office right away so that we can have you seen as the earliest possible opportunity.

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